While I was collecting pieces for my back to uni wishlist I realised that the items I picked were either playful lazy oaf pieces or army green camo style attire.. not sure what that means about my taste at the moment but I'm gonna go with it. Here are 6 items that I am lusting to add to my closet for the next uni year!


At the beginning of my summer holidays I went to visit my parents in Switzerland. But instead of spending time in Zurich (where my parents reside), we decided to stay in St. Moritz for a few days. 

Here are some of the photos that I captured of the beautiful surroundings!


One of my favourite questions to ask someone is:

"you're on a plane, and it is about to crash, but you have enough time to play one last song, what would it be?"

By asking this I can usually guess that what they answer with is probably their all time favourite song, so I thought I would share my answer with you!


press play and keep reading

The first time I heard this song was probably back in 2011. And although it wasn't my all time favourite to begin with, it is a song that has grown with me and has become the most important song in my life! 

I didn't really know how to explain the significance of this song until I read this comment on YouTube:

The song doesn't have a specific emotional meaning to me, but it's something that makes me feel at peace, happy, emotional, grateful and it has me completely transfixed every time I listen to it. It's just such a beautiful piece of music, I couldn't not share it on my blog.

Also what better time to write this post than today seeing as I'm going to see Clams Casino tonight at Village Underground!



Wow, I know, it's been a long time since I wrote anything on this blog but *cue excuse #1* I've been busy, and #2 i've been going through some "bloggers block". But for now, I'm back so to catch you up on what the hell I've been doing since my rather sad chico blog post, I thought I would share some photos of my life from the past month.

I spent a lot of time with these two. Siana (left) Izzy (middle). My two best friends from those gr8 skool days

I went on a night out with these people + Sophie (the hand on the right) and got so drunk that I couldn't keep my eyes open.

Just look at those vacant eyes

 I went into M&S to exchange my francs into pounds and left with this grandma PJ robe kimono thing instead. £££ success £££

I went to Citadel in Victoria Park and had an average time, I wouldn't recommend it at all.

Read sad stories about the Nice attacks on the tube and cried.

Went to Manchester for Sianas graduation

It's an interesting place.. I don't think i'd go back

Got my first two tattoos done by a lovely guy called Matt Cooley at Rain City tattoos in Manchester. They are both for my beautiful dog that passed away last October, if you don't know what I'm talking about.. Click here!

Went to WOMAD festival and had some great food, did some Russian folk dancing and had a damn good head massage.

Went to Brighton and did cliché Brighton things.

Saw the ever so cool: Young Fathers at Visions festival in Hackney


If you read this to the end then...well you just wasted your time really. 


I've been putting off writing this post for a really long time because it was still such a tender subject. However, I realised that it never will not be tender and that I will always feel emotional about it. So this post is for my baby brother Chico. 

Chico passed away on the 3rd of October 2015. He became a part of the family when we moved to America. Summer of 2001 I remember going to some dog event at Petco where there around 50 dogs all waiting to be adopted. You could walk around, get to know the dogs and make your pick. I remember seeing this black lab and loving it so much, but the love wasn't really reciprocated. My mum came over to me and went; "I found the perfect dog!" and there he was, my beautiful blue eyed boy. He immediately jumped on me and that was that, he came home with us that same day! I remember it so clearly, we walked into the house and the sun was glaring through the kitchen window, I saw him run into the house and I remember thinking that it all felt like a dream. 

Growing up as an only child and moving countries every five years meant that

  1. I obviously didn't have any siblings to keep me company
  2. I would lose my friends and have to make new ones every time 

Chico was someone that replaced both of those. He came with us everywhere we went, and he was truly like a brother to me. Being the crazy animal lover that I am; Chico meant the absolute world to me and losing him was the worst day of my life. Let me tell you how it all went down.

It was the 3rd of October 2015, it was Sam's dads birthday and we were at the Madejski Stadium in Reading watching a football match. After a triumphant win for Reading we went indoors to have some food and drinks. Having a lot of fun doing some face swaps, watching some magician wow us all when I got a phone call from my Mum. She was crying and I instantly knew what had happened. (I was expecting this phone call for a few months) My voice dropped and I starting bawling my eyes out in front of a hell of a lot of people. The mood instantly shifted and obviously.. the day was ruined. I spent the entire day crying and looking at photos of him in shock. The thought of never being able to hug or kiss him again is what hurt the most. However, I know that he was hurting, and I know that he was in pain, and I know that he was ready to go. My dad told me that when they were putting him down, he looked happy and he looked like he was done, he couldn't go on anymore. 

Chico had a beautiful life and travelled more than most dogs ever will! He joined us in America, we brought him with us to England then to Switzerland and brought him on all of our holidays all around the world. I know that he is happy now, and even though the thought of him not being around anymore makes me so sad, I try to look at the positive side. So underneath I've put some of my favourite photos of him so you can see what a beautiful dog he was. 

Not a day goes by where I don't think of you. I love you Chico!! <3


📷 ∆ ∆ ∆ 📷

My boyfriend Sam and his friend Tony (both dubstep producers) teamed up to create a dual alias called: '∆'. 

In need of some promo shots I thought I'd jump in and help them out. Here are my favourite ones from the day!

If you guys want to check out their music you can find them here:






So to start off this new little music segment on my blog I thought I would start with my favourite producer: Cashmere Cat.

I came across Cashmere Cat, aka. Magnus August Høiberg , in 2012 whilst I was scouring youtube for new music. "Chill music" only just starting to appear so there wasn’t very much around. I randomly stumbled upon his song “Aurora” and was immediately obsessed with it. I had never heard anything like it and it sparked my love for chill/trap/ambient/electronic music (what is this genre even called).

I frantically searched the web for more of his music and found his ‘Mirror Maru’ EP. That next summer I saw that he was playing this tiny festival (Best Kept Secret) in Holland and made it my mission to go and see him live. Obviously, he was amazing and the crowd was so friendly and by the end of it I had some really lovely strangers draw a cat nose and whiskers on my face. I had a fab time.

The second time I went to see him I dramatically got kicked out of the venue. In 2013 Sam and I went to his event at Village Underground with one of my best friends. Lets just say that I got really drunk before he even arrived, drew a cat on the wall of the smoking area with my purple lipstick and got kicked out, tragic… I know. Not only did I not get to see cashy play in London but I also made a fool of myself in front of Sam, who at the time was not my boo... luckily he found it really funny.

Third times a charm: we were on our way to ‘The Laundry Room’ in Hackney when Sam suddenly really had to pee. Being the sensible person that I am, I quickly got us into a cab to the venue before he found the nearest tree on the highstreet to do his business on. Turns out that the venue was a 2 min drive from where we originally were.. BUT as we were stepping out of the cab, we saw… the man himself, cashy cat. Yes, so obviously I walked up to him, said his name incorrectly (I definitely called him magnustus or something *good move vick*) and got a really horrific photo with him.

ANYWAYS, storytime over, here are my top 3 songs by Cashmere Cat. Enjoy! 


💻 Dear Tumblr, 💻

Thank you for the “lets put a galaxy print on everything” phase: 

Thank you for turning me into a triangle obsessed, moustache-loving hipster:

Thank you for introducing me to the pants I would religiously wear for the next two years:

But, most importantly; thank you for being an escape when I needed it most.

As corny/ as it must silly as it may sound, Tumblr is more than just an outdated version Pinterest. It’s a place where you not only find yourself but you also find your people/homies/baes… whatever you want to call them.

Luckily I found mine when I was at my worst. Stuck at boarding school, depressed, lonely, lost and confused; logging onto tumblr was always the highlight of my day, a way of escaping from the shithole that was my senior year of highschool. So I just wanted to dedicate a blog post to thanking Tumblr for all the ways it helped me become the woman I am today!


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet so many amazing and some… not so amazing people (lol). Thank you for helping me realise that I deserve nothing but the best; in a world where you have to make friends with who is given to you at that certain time and place, Tumblr was an amazing space for me to meet people just like me; people who are a little bit anxious, a little bit shy, a whole lot creative and people who are always there for you no matter what timezone they live in. Thank you to my Tumblr ladies who have always been there for me! (you know who you are)

Thank you for the relationships that you’ve given me, one that lasted a while and one that was a bit all over the place. They have both taught me a lot about myself, and have made me realise what I need/want and deserve in a partner. The on and off fling (if you could even call it that) left me in a really bad place, for a really long time. Being strung along for two years ain’t fun.. and from this I learned to never fall for a fuckboy. But thanks to you, I now have the best partner I could have ever wished for.  

Thank you for constantly keeping me inspired, you shaped the way I look at the world and the things that I create. Thank you for the endless amounts of creative imagery that would inspire me to keep going and to never give up on my dreams. (And for helping me not feel so scared about failing at life)

Thank you for making me a better and more open minded person. There are so many people that still don’t accept others for being different.  Being surrounded by such an accepting community from the age of 15 up until now, I have learned to love people for who they are… even if you’re into pastel goth, I don't judge. 

So to end off this incredibly cheesy letter, I just wanted to say that I don't know where I would be or who I would be without this silly little website. It feels good to get some things off my chest and it feels good to thank those who deserve it!  I LUV U TUMBLR

Thanks again,


p.s. if you think any of these points are about you.. they probably are so.. heyyy girl haiii





Tattoos are something that I have always wanted but have always been to afraid to get.. not because of the pain but because of anxiety I get when I start the whole process of finding an artist, looking for dates etc. But the older I get, the harder I have tried to get over the anxiety to finally go through and cover my body with art. (TBH it is probably a good thing I waited so long otherwise I'd have a collection of tattoos I thought would look cool when I was 18 so yeah... I have my anxiety to thank for not having an arrow tattooed on my forearm..seriously) 

So I scoured pinterest for a good few hours and found a few images that inspire me to finally go through with getting my first tattoos!

If you want to take a look at more inspo images, take a look at my pinboard:



L:CM has just ended so I thought I would take a look at my favourite designers, looks and models from L:CM! 


Margaret Howell is someone that you can consistently rely on for beautiful silhouettes, neutral tones and something understated but still interesting. For this collection I saw that the colours were all pretty neutral featuring greys, navy, white and brown however for a few of the looks she incorporated this beautiful mustard colour which gave the collection some life! I love that the models she used were all so diverse. Most of the models had some stand-out/quirky feature such as; big ears or an insanely defined jawline. Features like this always draw me in and immediately make me more interested in the collection and the designer! The three models at the bottom are my favourite!


What I loved most about the show wasn't the casting or the designs but actually the makeup! I immediately noticed that the men had intense blush/bronzer across their noses and cheeks as if they had been sat out in the sun all day. I thought this gave it a really playful touch. Apart from that the looks were impeccably crafted  and I love that they experimented with shapes for the male body for example; high waisted trousers and a cropped jacket. The models in the show were all typically handsome with striking features. The bottom three photos are of my favourite models from the show! 


Liam Hodges is someone who always does the unexpected and no two collections ever look the same! This time round Liam Hodges presented a collection basically consisting of four colours; red, green, khaki and red and kept it exciting by draping the clothing and sewing different pieces of clothing together to create a garment. What I loved about the casting is that it truly looked like he just picked these guys off the streets. My favourite model is the red head with the glasses (bottom left).


This by far was my favourite collection from L:CM! I loved the wonderfully tacky Sports direct rip off and the denim on denim on denim looks. Christopher Shannon took a staple item and manipulated it to be unwearable for 99% of the population. It's such a creative and inventive way of working with denim and I really appreciated it. I also really loved the colour palette because.. obviously I love blue and especially when it is paired with red and white! As for model casting, a lot of the models either had so much clothing on top of their heads that I couldn't see their faces or they had a pretty average handsome male model look. However there was one guy (bottom middle) who looked like a classic Italian ken doll which I thought looked AMAZING with the look he was put it (white polo shirt and blue jeans)



On Saturday I took my boyfriend shopping and he ended up picking up a few pieces that inspired me to do a little impromptu photoshoot. 

Whilst walking around the Brick Lane, Sam and I came across so many cool locations so I just ended up taking some photo for him to use for his soundcloud and promo shots. 



If you've been reading my posts from the very beginning you'll know that i'm just a little bit in love with Tyler the Creator.... okay maybe more than just a little bit... but anyways yesterday marks the day of his first ever fashion show for his clothing line; GOLFWANG.

I didn't know what to expect but I knew that it wouldn't be like any ordinary fashion show, and I was right! There were motorbikes, flowers, a skate ramp, a Kanye West cameo and a performance. 

As soon as I woke up I was scouring the web to find a video of the live stream that took place at 4:00am... I love you Tyler but I couldn't stay up that late. When I found it.. it was everything I imagined and more. The show started off with Tyler performing some kind of skit in a golfwang bathrobe, and once that finished the show began. The first few models came out on tiny motorbikes which obviously let everyone know that this is not like any normal fashion show. 

The looks were bright, youthful and playful...nothing new from Tyler but thats what is so great about Golfwang. The runway was decked out in large sunflowers and a skate ramp in the middle. I think the most unique part of the show wasn't the clothing but the attention to detail when it came to set design, content and model casting! He had models of all ages, all colours and all sizes. Tyler seems to be all about inclusivity and making people feel welcome and comfortable. His brand is a lot more affordable than other musicians turned designers *cough cough.. kanye* and he even sold tickets for his fashion show to all of his fans starting from £38 for a standard ticket and £105 for a V.I.P. ticket. Not only does this mean that the biggest fans can go and see his work in real life, but it also gets rid of that whole stuck up/snobby fashion show atmosphere that 99% of designers seem to love. 

The other parts of the show that caught my attention most were the performances done by Tyler and his speech about how grateful he is to have people understand and support him and his unusual interests and style! 

Anyways, I'm going to stop rambling on about how amazing the show was and let you see for yourselves. I've watched this show probably around 5 times now and I'm still not bored of it so I hope you enjoy it as much as i did!

TOP 5 80's/90's CHICK FLICKS


It's 22:51 on a Tuesday night and I'm in the mood to write about my favourite 80's/90's chick flicks. So if you're looking for shoulder pads,girl cliques and bad acting, keep reading!

ps. just a heads up that I love any movie that is set in a typical american high school


This is one of the first 80's films I ever watched and it is easily my favourite. I don't know if it's the shoulder pads, Winona Ryder or the bizarre combination of chick flick and mild thriller that I love so much. But this is definitely a film that I would recommend to anyone! 



I only discovered this film late in my teen years but it is still up there with my favourites. It's about a group of girl friends who surprise their friend for their birthday by kidnapping them and putting a jawbreaker in her mouth..i'm not one for suspense so SPOILER ALERT, she dies and they have to figure out a way to cover up the death. If you're looking for a twisted yet girly film, this one's for you.



I'm not going to bother explaining this one in much depth because most people have seen this already, and if you haven't then where the hell were you in the 90's? Clueless is fun, lighthearted and a little bit stupid.. which is what makes it so great. 



Alicia Silverstone, ultimate 90's babe in The Crush is nothing like her performance in Clueless. I would describe this is a mild thriller just like the first two on this list, but a little bit more sinister. It's about a 15 year old girl who falls for the older man renting out her family's guest house. The lengths she goes to to get his attention is ridiculous but keeps you fully engaged.



You hear the words "80's films" and think; high school, singing and dancing.. and if you're like me and LOVE all of that then you'll love this film. It's about a teenage girl who dreams of being a dancer.. and you guessed it, her parents aren't on board so she sneaks out to fulfil her dreams! This film satisfies all of your 80's needs.







If you read my last Girl Crush post on Alice Glass you guys will know that I'm drawn to those with unique and unusual faces. This weeks crush is the beautiful; Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord. 

I chose to write about Yolandi because like Alice Glass, she is someone that shaped what I looked at and listened to when I was stuck at an all girl catholic boarding school. I was drawn to her personality and her completely unique style and way of living. Her and her music partner; Ninja, are so different to anyone i've ever seen and I was so fascinated by them. 

When you watch their videos and listen to their songs you think to yourself... how on earth does anyone like them? But having to been to two of their gigs I can tell you that they are insanely popular, and It's not only due to their catchy yet vulgar songs but their explosive personality. 

Their aesthetic is very particular but more you look at it, the more you love it. You grow to really love that they just make videos and songs just the way they like them and that they don't feel the need to please anyone.

Now back onto Yolandi. What drew me into her initially was her bizarre bleach blonde hair cut/mullet and her style. She has this strange sex appeal and spunky attitude that engages all of your attention and makes you want to be her best friend. 


image credit: Pinterest


New addition to my favourite photographers: Francesca Allen! Francesca's work is visibly focused on women, friendship and youth. I love that the sense of friendship and comfort is so clear in her photography. It is definitely one of the things I love most about her work!

I love how raw and beautifully awkward her "diary" photos are. They inspire my to grab my camera and my friends and take really adorable photos of them doing normal/not so normal everyday eating soup in a bathtub. ^^

Its refreshing to see a film photographer that doesn't only photograph muted pastel colours, Francescas work is, if anything, the opposite! Her photos are very saturated featuring a lot of oranges, yellows and greens! Colours that a lot of other fashion film photographers seem to stray away from.

Out of all of the photographers I researched, I think I like Francesca's approach the most! Everything seems really effortless and fun. 

image credit: Francesca Allen