Welcome to Girl Crush, a new a segment on my blog where I go on about a certain lady that i'm crushing on. Ever since I was young I was never drawn to conventionally beautiful girls (maybe because I’m not one) but rather to those with quirky facial features or a those who have a super daring and striking look, so this segment will be all about those ladies who embrace their looks!

This weeks girl crush is: Alice Glass. 

The first time I ever found out about Alice Glass was obviously through the duo; Crystal Castles. They very quickly became my favourite artists and Alice became one of my favourite style icons.

I think what initially drew me in was her bold liner and haircut. Being at a boarding school with a strict dress code I looked up to people like Alice and dreamt of finally being able to look and dress the way I wanted to. 

One of the first ever videos I saw by Crystal Castles was; Baptism and I immediately thought she was the coolest person on earth. Not only were they making music I had never heard of before, but she had so much attitude and such an interesting look that had me mesmerised. 

Lets go back to the 8th of October 2014... the day Crystal Castles broke up AKA. the saddest day of 2014. I was devastated but also excited to see what Alice was going to get up to in her solo career. She's already released a song on soundcloud called; STILLBIRTH and has made a few appearances in the fashion industry. 

By now most of us should know about Alexander Wang's newest creation; Wang Squad. He has made a team consisting of his favourite people/muses, Alice Glass being one of those. Since the announcement she has featured in his fashion shows and ad campaigns.

Alice has also been featured in i-D magazines Music issue in February 2015. i-D are known for their impeccable styling and incredible photography and this editorial for the Music Issue did not disappoint. Alice is most commonly seen with bold lips and eyes, her choppy bob and messy fringe and I am so glad to see that they stuck to her roots for the shoot. This shoot in particular has a certain edge to it which a lot of shoots seem to lack, this might just be because Alice is incredibly cool or because she doesn’t look like every other model that seems to be gracing the pages of every fashion magazine.

I'm excited to see what other things Alice has planned for her music & fashion carrer and although she isn't a part of crystal castles anymore, she still holds a really special place in my heart. After all... she was one of the main influencers of my weird teenage style rebellion phase back in 2012. 

image credit: pinterest & i-D magazine