Yesterday i-D posted about a new model agency that has launched in Manchester called ;'Brother'. They are all about "representing the underrepresented" and finding guys straight off the streets of Manchester. Michael Mayren, the founder of 'Brother', says that they are representing guys with quirky features, unique looks and personality. In a world where male modelling is dominated by buff 6"7 six packs it's easy to forget about those who have more to offer than just their appearance. 

Michael says that he wants to bring a northern flair to the fashion industry by starting this agency and that the boys that he takes in are not only interesting faces but also have an interesting personality. With a very similar outlook to; the Anti-Agency, I'm excited to see where Brother will end up. 

"We embrace diversity, individuality and charisma in addition to a visually strong identity and aim to deliver a street-casting aesthetic with reliability and professionalism"

Here are some of the guys with 'Brother' that I am DYING to photograph!

image credit: brother models