We're getting to the time where youtube is getting a little boring, in my opinion at least. But there is one Youtuber that wows me time and time again; iamkareno. 

If there is one thing that frustrates me about youtube is that people start to get lazy with their videos and just upload the most basic things in order to stick to a routine. However Karen manages to upload regularly and create the most unique content i've seen on the site!

Karen posts the regular fashion lookbooks and ootd's but puts her own creative flair on it. She has a very distinctive editing style and makes her videos look more like a fashion film rather than a youtube video. 

She even makes the video's that I usually despise (aka. morning routines) so interesting and creative! Theres no other youtuber out there that puts in so much effort and time into their content and I really admire that!

Not only does she not take editing seriously, but she takes the same approach when it comes to fashion. Her style is really playful and colourful and is barely trend led! There are not many youtubers out there that just wear what they want, most people let judgment get to them and they just end up following the usual trends. 

Karen really is one to watch on Youtube and I'm excited to see what content she creates in the future! 

image credit: Iamkareno instagram