If you read my last Girl Crush post on Alice Glass you guys will know that I'm drawn to those with unique and unusual faces. This weeks crush is the beautiful; Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord. 

I chose to write about Yolandi because like Alice Glass, she is someone that shaped what I looked at and listened to when I was stuck at an all girl catholic boarding school. I was drawn to her personality and her completely unique style and way of living. Her and her music partner; Ninja, are so different to anyone i've ever seen and I was so fascinated by them. 

When you watch their videos and listen to their songs you think to yourself... how on earth does anyone like them? But having to been to two of their gigs I can tell you that they are insanely popular, and It's not only due to their catchy yet vulgar songs but their explosive personality. 

Their aesthetic is very particular but more you look at it, the more you love it. You grow to really love that they just make videos and songs just the way they like them and that they don't feel the need to please anyone.

Now back onto Yolandi. What drew me into her initially was her bizarre bleach blonde hair cut/mullet and her style. She has this strange sex appeal and spunky attitude that engages all of your attention and makes you want to be her best friend. 


image credit: Pinterest