For years my dad has been telling me to go and visit Highgate cemetery. I have always had a fascination with cemeteries and when the opportunity 

My boyfriend Sam and I decided to head over to Highgate to check it out! There were two different cemeteries and two different ticket prices, so being the student that I am we chose the cheaper one which meant that we didn't have to go on a guided tour, which we totally didn't want to do anyways. 

The cemetery was even more beautiful than I was expecting, I saw at least 5 cats (which btw always makes my day) and there were flowers everywhere! Three of my favourite things; cats, flowers and pretty graves?.... sure.. okay, I'm just going to roll with that. 

and of course I had to insert a Crystal Castles reference. I felt like Alice Glass in the music video; 'Celestica' roaming around in-between the graves and vines, except I was more on my hands and knees getting the best angles for my photos instead of looking lifeless and bored. 

Here are a few more of my favourite photos of Highgate Cemetery