Our issue of Juicebox is jam packed full of interviews and features on musicians and record labels that vary from grime, to chill, to bass to dubstep... you name it, we've got it covered. 

One of our favourite features is on grime artist; Novelist. 

Our features writer; Naomie Meirelles contacted the 19 year old grime rapper and asked him a few unusual questions and received some rather unusual answers!

Here is a sneak peak at some of his answers, to see the rest make sure to check out Juicebox's Mens SS16 issue this June!

Do you sleep with your socks on or off? Depends on how I feel, depends on the weather too, you wanna know about my toes yeah?

What did you dream about last night? I dreamt my tooth came out and whenever I have a dream like this it means that the current relationship I have with someone will part, its not a bad thing but I've always had it since I was a kid

Finish the sentence:

My first kiss was; it was with tongues and everything, I was a likkle one, mans was a player