New addition to my favourite photographers: Francesca Allen! Francesca's work is visibly focused on women, friendship and youth. I love that the sense of friendship and comfort is so clear in her photography. It is definitely one of the things I love most about her work!

I love how raw and beautifully awkward her "diary" photos are. They inspire my to grab my camera and my friends and take really adorable photos of them doing normal/not so normal everyday eating soup in a bathtub. ^^

Its refreshing to see a film photographer that doesn't only photograph muted pastel colours, Francescas work is, if anything, the opposite! Her photos are very saturated featuring a lot of oranges, yellows and greens! Colours that a lot of other fashion film photographers seem to stray away from.

Out of all of the photographers I researched, I think I like Francesca's approach the most! Everything seems really effortless and fun. 

image credit: Francesca Allen