TOP 5 80's/90's CHICK FLICKS


It's 22:51 on a Tuesday night and I'm in the mood to write about my favourite 80's/90's chick flicks. So if you're looking for shoulder pads,girl cliques and bad acting, keep reading!

ps. just a heads up that I love any movie that is set in a typical american high school


This is one of the first 80's films I ever watched and it is easily my favourite. I don't know if it's the shoulder pads, Winona Ryder or the bizarre combination of chick flick and mild thriller that I love so much. But this is definitely a film that I would recommend to anyone! 



I only discovered this film late in my teen years but it is still up there with my favourites. It's about a group of girl friends who surprise their friend for their birthday by kidnapping them and putting a jawbreaker in her mouth..i'm not one for suspense so SPOILER ALERT, she dies and they have to figure out a way to cover up the death. If you're looking for a twisted yet girly film, this one's for you.



I'm not going to bother explaining this one in much depth because most people have seen this already, and if you haven't then where the hell were you in the 90's? Clueless is fun, lighthearted and a little bit stupid.. which is what makes it so great. 



Alicia Silverstone, ultimate 90's babe in The Crush is nothing like her performance in Clueless. I would describe this is a mild thriller just like the first two on this list, but a little bit more sinister. It's about a 15 year old girl who falls for the older man renting out her family's guest house. The lengths she goes to to get his attention is ridiculous but keeps you fully engaged.



You hear the words "80's films" and think; high school, singing and dancing.. and if you're like me and LOVE all of that then you'll love this film. It's about a teenage girl who dreams of being a dancer.. and you guessed it, her parents aren't on board so she sneaks out to fulfil her dreams! This film satisfies all of your 80's needs.