L:CM has just ended so I thought I would take a look at my favourite designers, looks and models from L:CM! 


Margaret Howell is someone that you can consistently rely on for beautiful silhouettes, neutral tones and something understated but still interesting. For this collection I saw that the colours were all pretty neutral featuring greys, navy, white and brown however for a few of the looks she incorporated this beautiful mustard colour which gave the collection some life! I love that the models she used were all so diverse. Most of the models had some stand-out/quirky feature such as; big ears or an insanely defined jawline. Features like this always draw me in and immediately make me more interested in the collection and the designer! The three models at the bottom are my favourite!


What I loved most about the show wasn't the casting or the designs but actually the makeup! I immediately noticed that the men had intense blush/bronzer across their noses and cheeks as if they had been sat out in the sun all day. I thought this gave it a really playful touch. Apart from that the looks were impeccably crafted  and I love that they experimented with shapes for the male body for example; high waisted trousers and a cropped jacket. The models in the show were all typically handsome with striking features. The bottom three photos are of my favourite models from the show! 


Liam Hodges is someone who always does the unexpected and no two collections ever look the same! This time round Liam Hodges presented a collection basically consisting of four colours; red, green, khaki and red and kept it exciting by draping the clothing and sewing different pieces of clothing together to create a garment. What I loved about the casting is that it truly looked like he just picked these guys off the streets. My favourite model is the red head with the glasses (bottom left).


This by far was my favourite collection from L:CM! I loved the wonderfully tacky Sports direct rip off and the denim on denim on denim looks. Christopher Shannon took a staple item and manipulated it to be unwearable for 99% of the population. It's such a creative and inventive way of working with denim and I really appreciated it. I also really loved the colour palette because.. obviously I love blue and especially when it is paired with red and white! As for model casting, a lot of the models either had so much clothing on top of their heads that I couldn't see their faces or they had a pretty average handsome male model look. However there was one guy (bottom middle) who looked like a classic Italian ken doll which I thought looked AMAZING with the look he was put it (white polo shirt and blue jeans)