So to start off this new little music segment on my blog I thought I would start with my favourite producer: Cashmere Cat.

I came across Cashmere Cat, aka. Magnus August Høiberg , in 2012 whilst I was scouring youtube for new music. "Chill music" only just starting to appear so there wasn’t very much around. I randomly stumbled upon his song “Aurora” and was immediately obsessed with it. I had never heard anything like it and it sparked my love for chill/trap/ambient/electronic music (what is this genre even called).

I frantically searched the web for more of his music and found his ‘Mirror Maru’ EP. That next summer I saw that he was playing this tiny festival (Best Kept Secret) in Holland and made it my mission to go and see him live. Obviously, he was amazing and the crowd was so friendly and by the end of it I had some really lovely strangers draw a cat nose and whiskers on my face. I had a fab time.

The second time I went to see him I dramatically got kicked out of the venue. In 2013 Sam and I went to his event at Village Underground with one of my best friends. Lets just say that I got really drunk before he even arrived, drew a cat on the wall of the smoking area with my purple lipstick and got kicked out, tragic… I know. Not only did I not get to see cashy play in London but I also made a fool of myself in front of Sam, who at the time was not my boo... luckily he found it really funny.

Third times a charm: we were on our way to ‘The Laundry Room’ in Hackney when Sam suddenly really had to pee. Being the sensible person that I am, I quickly got us into a cab to the venue before he found the nearest tree on the highstreet to do his business on. Turns out that the venue was a 2 min drive from where we originally were.. BUT as we were stepping out of the cab, we saw… the man himself, cashy cat. Yes, so obviously I walked up to him, said his name incorrectly (I definitely called him magnustus or something *good move vick*) and got a really horrific photo with him.

ANYWAYS, storytime over, here are my top 3 songs by Cashmere Cat. Enjoy!