Let's talk: GOLFWANG. Tyler the Creator has done many great things but I think starting up his own ~fashion line~ may be the best thing he's ever done. Tyler is known for his crazy and boyish personality and I think that GOLFWANG represents that perfectly.

Eager to see his first ever runway debut this summer, I thought I would revisit his most recent collection and share my love and admiration for it! 

I think what I love most about his personal style and the brands clothes is that none of it is too serious. It's all about having fun, mixing colours and clashing prints. It's all really boyish and is reminiscent of US summer camp attire..hence; Camp FlogGnaw

It's amazing how the Tyler and his brand are about unapologetically being yourself, fucking around and doing what you want. It's such a good attitude to look up to and it's really admirable to see someone bring some fun into the fashion industry without taking themselves so seriously. We get so caught up in worrying about what people think about us so seeing someone literally not give a shit is breath of fresh air!

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